June 16, 2024

Is a cyber security diploma worth it in Canada?

Digitalization has increased connectivity making life convenient for people and businesses. But this has also created the problem of security threats across various platforms leading to data breaches and privacy concerns. This is why cybersecurity has become an important concern for organizations leading to thousands of cybersecurity job openings globally.

Students with a cybersecurity diploma and relevant skills are recruited by businesses vigorously to protect their data and information. Cybersecurity careers are also high paying and promise you career growth as the world is moving towards advanced digitalization every day.

As the cybersecurity field is growing, there is rising demand for qualified professionals in every part of the world. Let’s see why Canada is an attractive destination for a career in cybersecurity.

What are the benefits of a cybersecurity diploma in Canada?

Canada is one of the top immigration destinations in the world due to the career prospects and growth opportunities it offers. A cybersecurity diploma in Canada can offer you lucrative career roles and a chance to establish yourself. There are two main reasons why a diploma in cybersecurity is worth it in Canada. The main reason is career opportunities and the second one is high salaries. 

After what is considered the largest data breach in the history of Canada, where a medical organization called LifeLabs was attacked, exposing 15 million patient data, Canadian companies have placed importance on hiring cybersecurity professionals to secure their data and privacy. Hence, there is high demand for a cybersecurity diploma in Canada, promising you a lucrative career.

According to reports in MIT Technology Review, the number of vacant positions in the cybersecurity industry across the world was around 3.5 million in 2021. The number suggests the scarcity of qualified cybersecurity professionals to handle the job. So, if you have a cybersecurity diploma you can easily find a job in any of the organizations. 

As the skill-demand gap is high in the field of cybersecurity, employers are willing to pay high salaries to students with relevant educational backgrounds and skills. Entry-level jobs in the cybersecurity field can fetch you around $75,000 whereas with years of experience it can go as high as $1,30,000. The field also offers chances to grow to senior positions after gaining relevant experience. 

What are the popular careers in cybersecurity?

There are a variety of cybersecurity job roles available in the Canadian job market. From senior-level officers who have to handle the entire security operations in a company to experts who identify the nature of threats and design tools and software to counter them, the jobs are plenty in the cybersecurity sector.

Some of the popular career roles in this field are security architect, malware analyst, penetration tester, cybersecurity engineer, computer forensics analyst, information security analyst, security administrator, cryptographer, etc. All these jobs pay you well and offer career growth prospects.

If you are looking for a field that has lots to offer for your growth and is dynamic, then cybersecurity is the best choice for you. So, earn your diploma by enrolling in a program today.


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