April 18, 2024

Teaching British in Mexico: British Language Teaching in Cancun Part 2

In the following paragraphs we’ll continue job possibilities in Cancun, Mexico’s jewel from the Yucatan. Here’s more grist for that British language teaching in Cancun, Mexico job mill. Beginning off is:

Colegio Britanico

Pargo No. 24, SM 3 (entrance is on Avenida Bompak) Cancún

884 – 1295, 884 – 1612

FAX: 884 – 0914

E-mail: british@cancun.com.mx

A completely bilingual British – Spanish school with students from School through senior high school level. Our prime school level is trained with half the topics in British and also the others in Spanish, which means you could educate not just British but additional subjects too if you are qualified. Courses like U.S. History, United States Culture, general science, biology, chemistry, social studies, and art, to say a couple of, are some of the options. Should you bone on your History, who knows…

Bachillerato Tecnologico del Caribe

Jaime Torres Bodet

Audio-video. Lopez Portillo 413

Region 91 Cancún

888 – 3802

Boasting itself a Tri-lingual school, (British, Portuguese and German) it’s principal function is really as a college prep. School for college students with aspirations (and also the money) to go in Mexico’s over-burdened college system. It’s well-known that the working understanding laptop or computer systems and fluency in British would be the secrets of guarantee employment within this country. They are within the curriculum of just about any college-prep school and technical institute. Prior experience and a minimum of a TEFL certificate are preferred.

Colegio Ecab A.C.

Calle 93 Norte S/N Region 93A (behind the Plaza Kabah) Cancun

Telefax: 888 – 7980

Another Tri-lingual school, (British, French, Spanish) that deals with college prep but additionally has students within the elementary and school levels so there’s lots of maneuvering room for employment. You need to fax them regarding approaching options then follow-track of a scheduled appointment when you are in the region. Some staff people are fluent in British which means you should not have issues getting information or interviewing here.

Colegio De Las Americas

Audio-video. Lopez Portillo SM – 59, M-17, L-9 Cancún

886 – 6020

One other good bet is that this bilingual systems school that has students from School through senior high school. As pointed out earlier, you can educate not just British, but other subjects in British. As this is certainly an frequently-overlooked option, it’s really worth investigating if you have an in-depth understanding of the particular area. In case your degree is within literature or history or science, etc. you are already on the right path. Get 2 or 3 textbooks prior to going for teaching and/or reference material and you will be in big demand. You are able to feature these points on your interview and mention them inside your query and canopy letters.

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