July 20, 2024

How to use Instagram Ads Manager to boost follower conversion rates in 2023?

Instagram advertising presents a tremendous opportunity for brands to promote to highly targeted audiences at scale. But without the right campaign setups, expensive ads fail to fully convert viewers into followers. Optimizing your Ad Manager strategy specifically to increase follower conversion rates is crucial for lower cost per follower and growth acceleration. Surprisingly, many brands run Instagram traffic or conversion campaigns without follower goals selected properly in Ads Manager itself. This oversight loses out on key targeting and tracking advantages. Be sure follower sign-up is set as your defined Campaign Objective. This tailors your audience reach, ad display formats, and performance metrics specifically to follower generation. Conversion tracking applies to this goal as well.

Target interests aligned to content

Rather than broadly targeting people who may casually follow and then disengage, target specific interest groups highly aligned to your brand niche and content specialty you create around. This filters potential followers for relevance. Align visuals and copy in ads to the vibrant brand personality, voice, and themes followers expect by following you. Feature your content style, flagship products, influencer collaborations, current special offers, etc. Avoid generic messages. Reflect the lively Instagram brand experience you deliver through a mini content sampler in ads. This sets clear expectations for an engaging follow. Sneak peeks convert better than mysterious unknown promises.

Promote exclusive follower perks

Spell out special perks, promotions, products, or content only available to followers. FOMO drives sign-ups when you position exclusive experiences for your inner community circle. The benefits of following us include shop discounts, first dibs on new arrivals, giveaways, reel reposts, priority customer support, early webinar access, member-only behind-the-scenes, and more. Flaunt VIP follower advantages. Tailor ad unit formats to the follower conversion goal for optimized performance. For example, multi-image carousels tell richer brand stories to hook viewers swiping through. Video ads also captivate viewers long enough to consider following. End frames should promote follower perks or redirect to your link-in-bio landing page with incentives.

Drive traffic to dedicated landing pages

Send ad clicks to dedicated landing pages focused specifically on pushing follow sign-ups rather than your homepage. These custom pages spotlight follower benefits, showcase previews of account content, display influencer features and push urgent CTAs to click your profile follow button. Pagespecificity converts better than general homepages. Famoid saw a 2x rise in follow conversions by driving ad traffic to tailored landing pages pushing the value of an instant follow.

Sync your website visitors list with Ads Manager for retargeting. Then create lookalike audiences mirroring visitors to reuse across ads. People browsing your site have established interest – retargeting them elsewhere captivates followers. Even if website visitors don’t initially convert to follows from ads, you continue remarketing the same value messaging across their other social feeds until they convert. Persistent exposure works. how to buy instagram followers? Instead of buying followers, consider focusing on organic strategies to grow your Instagram presence. Meticulously promote the exclusive experiences awaiting new followers to turn ad views into permanent brand advocates. Review analytics to keep testing and optimizing new splits toward higher conversion rates in the year ahead.

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