July 20, 2024
Different Types Of Number Plates In India

Different Types Of Number Plates In India

Indian roadways feature an array of distinctive number plates, each holding unique significance beyond mere identification. These plates tell the story of a vehicle’s origin, purpose, and ownership. In this exploration, we delve into the diverse types of number plates in India, unraveling their intricacies and the governing regulations. Understanding these nuances is imperative in an era where vehicle security and compliance are paramount, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between identification and regulation on the roadways.

Components Of A License Plate:

  • Registration Number: The unique vehicle registration number, engraved through a hot stamp, contains the state or union territory code, registration district, and the vehicle’s unique identification number.
  • Serial Number: Each license plate has a laser-carved serial number, ensuring the uniqueness of the plate.
  • Hologram: A chromium-based Ashok Chakra hologram is above the international code “IND” in the left corner.
  • Background: The background colour varies (blue, black, or yellow) based on the license plate type, aiding in distinguishing between different vehicle categories.

Indian Number Plate Regulations:

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1989, every motor vehicle must have a registered license plate. Since April 1, 2019, all vehicles, even older vehicles, must comply with the Central Motor Vehicle Rules and possess HSRPs.

Types Of License Plates:

  • White Background: Exclusively for private vehicles, prohibiting their use in commercial activities.
  • Yellow Background: Standard for commercial vehicles, requiring a commercial driving permit.
  • Red Background: Assigned to brand-new cars in some states awaiting permanent license plates.
  • Green Background: Identifies electric vehicles, with yellow letters for commercial and white letters for private use.
  • Black Background: Used by high-end hotel vehicles and certain commercial vehicles exempt from permits.
  • Blue Background: Designated for cars used by foreign diplomats, with respective country codes instead of state codes.
  • Plain Red: Formerly used by the President and state governors but currently out of service.
  • Number Plate With Upward Arrow: Issued by the Ministry of Defence for military or defence vehicles.

As far as India’s varied number plates go, we find not just symbols of registration but a rich tapestry reflecting the nuances of the country’s diverse automotive landscape. As we navigate these intricacies, it’s crucial to acknowledge the integral role of online car insurance in vehicle ownership. A third-party insurance is mandatory as per the law. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

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As we conclude this journey through India’s diverse number plates, it’s evident that these plates not only signify identity on the road but also embody a commitment to safety and responsibility, echoing the essence of responsible vehicle ownership in the digital age.

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